Training courses and seminars


2 day duration

Fire and gas (F&G) detection and mitigation systems are key factors for maintaining the overall safety and operation of industrial facilities, including  offshore petroleum exploitation and production, onshore terminals, refineries and chemical plants, pipelines, and power plants. A F&G safety system continuously monitors for abnormal situations such as a fire, or combustible or toxic gas release within the plant and provides early warning and mitigation actions to prevent escalation of the incident and protect the process or environment. By implementing an integrated fire and gas strategy based on the latest automation technology, companies can meet their plant safety and critical infrastructure protection requirements while ensuring operational and business readiness.


Participants will become acquainted with principles, criteria, requirements and standards for the correct design of F&G detection systems. The workshop will provide case studies aimed at improving the familiarity with the techniques and methodologies that can be applied.

Who should attend?

  • Project Managers and Project Engineers, Instrumentation and Control Engineers , Electrical Engineers and Process Engineers, Key HSE Functions and Supervisors, Operation and Maintenance Managers and Inspection Surveyors.


  1. Purpose  and overview of Gas Detection System
  2. Purpose and overview of Fire Detection System
  3. Essentials on Gas Detection Techniques
  4. Essentials on Fire Detection Techniques
  5. Legal requirements and standards
  6. F&G Philosophy
  7. F&G mapping study
  8. Good engineering practices (heuristic approach)
  9. Examples of good engineering practices application
  10. Introduction to risk assessment (quantitative and semi-quantitative)
  11. Performance based gas and fire detection system (ISA 84)
  12. Coverage performance - scenario approach
  13. Coverage performance - geographic approach
  14. Availability performance – SIL approach
  15. Examples of performance based application
  16. Software for F&G mapping
  17. Open areas vs closed areas
  18. Smoke detection
  19. Alarming, alerting and Emergency Shut Down philosophy and policy.

Training sessions will be basically held in English language, with translation of material and speeches in Turkish language.