Training courses and seminars

Hazardous Substances Training 

2 day duration

Regulations on hazardous substances have recently undergone radical changes. The new 28848 SEA Regulation aligns with European Regulation n.1272/2008 (CLP) the criteria for classification of substances and mixtures. It will enter into force in EU on 1 June 2015 for substances and on 1 June 2016 for mixtures.

The 2 days training course is focused on providing detailed knowledge on the regulations governing the classification and labelling of hazardous substances and mixtures (27092 SAE Regulation of 26/12/2008 and 28848 SEA Regulation of 11/12/2013) and the Safety Data Sheets (27092 SAE Regulation and 29204 Regulation of 15/12/2014).


Participants will develop the skills required to classify and label substances and mixtures present in a Company and prepare the relative Safety Data Sheets. Moreover, participants will develop the skills to analyze substances in compliance with the Turkish Seveso II (Regulation 28867 of 30/12/2013).

The workshop will provide case studies aimed at improving the familiarity with the classification methodologies and preparation of the Safety Data Sheet.

Who should attend?

  • Plant and Maintenance Managers, Key HSE Functions, Process Manager and Engineers responsible/involved in facilities’ hazardous substances management.


Hazardous Substances Training course shall include:       

  1. Historical overview on the Regulations related to hazardous substances
  2. Illustration of 27092 SAE Regulation of  26/12/2008(the old regulation, in force till  May 2016).
  3. Criteria for classification and labelling of substances and preparations according to 27092 SAE Regulation for:
    • physico-chemical properties 
    • toxicological properties
    • specific effects on human health
    • environmental effects
  4. Illustration of 28848 SEA Regulation of 11/12/2013 (aligned with EU Regulation Reg. 1272/2008 (CLP)), the new regulation, in force from June 2016.
  5. Hazard classes, pictograms, signal word, hazard statements H, precautionary statements P .
  6. Criteria for classification and labeling of substances and mixtures according to 28848 SEA Regulation:
    • physical hazards
    • health hazard
    • environmental hazards
  7. Illustration of the relationship between the old system and the new system of classification.
  8. The Safety Data Sheet according to 27092 SAE Regulation and 29204 Regulation of 15/12/2014.
  9. Illustration of Annex 1 of Turkish Seveso II (Regulation 28867 of 30/12/2013).
  10. Criteria to identify dangerous substances in the Turkish Seveso II.
  11. Case studies including:
    • Classification and labelling of substances and mixtures
    • Preparation of some sections of the safety data sheet
    • Identification of dangerous substances in the Turkish Seveso I

Case study exercises will be developed in participants groups of 3-4 people each.

Training sessions will be basically held in English language, with translation of material and speeches in Turkish Language.