Training courses and seminars

KKDIK & REACh Regulation 

2 day duration: 2-3 June 

On 1 June 2007 came into force in the European Union the Regulation n.1907/2006, related to Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals (REACh). Accordingly, the previous Regulation in Turkey named Chemical Inventory and Control Regulation (CICR 27092) will gradually be replaced by a Turkish version of REACh Regulation known as KKDIK. Producers and importers of chemicals will have to register the substances according to KKDIK between 31 December 2015 and 31 December 2018, based on respective requirements. The 2 days training course is focused on providing knowledge on Turkish version of REACh Regulation.


Participants will develop the skills necessary to identify the KKDIK requirements for substances present in a Company as well as the roles of a Company in the supply chain. Examples regarding the proper identification of the substance to comply with KKIDK requirements (e.g. registration type) will be examined. The different stages of the registration process will be also detailed in order to be acquainted with the preparation of the registration dossier. Finally, in the workshop will be illustrated the EU IUCLID database and its functions.

Who should attend?

Plant Managers, Key HSE Functions, Key Process Supervisors, Project Managers, KKIDK referent


REACh like Regulation Training course shall include:

  1. Introduction to European Regulation (CE) n.1907/2006 (REACh)
  2. Illustration of KKDIK Regulation
  3. Illustration of the relationship between European and Turkish REACh
  4. KKIDK requirements based the Company role in the supply chain
  5. KKIDK requirements based on substance type and use
  6. KKIDK Registration: scope and exemptions
  7. Registration types:
    • Full registration
    • On-site Isolated Intermediate
    • Transported isolated intermediate
  8. Role of the Company in the KKIDK Registration: Lead Registrant or Co-registrant
  9. IUCLID: illustration of database functions of the software for European REACh Registrations
  10. Training of IUCLID base function (e.g. Legal Entity creation, dataset creation)
  11. Case study including:
    • Practical examples on substance identification (i.e. mono constituent, multi constituent, UVCB
    • Identification of the role in the supply chain
    • Dataset creation in IUCLID 

Case study exercises will be developed in participants groups of 3-4 people each.

Training sessions will be basically held in English language, with translation of material and speeches in Turkish language.